AI is capable of generating false people who look real.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

It’s amazing how powerful companies like Nvidia and Google (and so many others) are changing technology as we know it. Without a doubt in Visionarea we are used to work in the last audiovisual developments, but this does not prevent that they do not stop surprising us.

In this article we talk about the AI created by the graphics and hardware company, Nvidia, known especially for its famous graphics cards that are considered by many as the best in the market.

Nvidia has been working for some years and developing an artificial intelligence system perpetrated by the neural network that Google created for YouTube and also its search engines in which it is applying improvements since 2017.

It was the company itself that in 2017 presented to the world its neural network capable of randomly generating people that do not exist. He did so by showing some of the faces that his tool had created, however he said in that year that he was working to improve, since in some of them you can see that they are still works generated by computer and therefore have the known as valley disturbing that makes despite the quality and perfection that may have the generated person does not have that which we call “life”.

Nevertheless after two years of work they have obtained that this improves ostensibly and in addition right now any user can verify it only visiting the web ““. By visiting this website the neural network is activated and generates the face of a person who literally is not real, does not exist, although it seems incredible.

The Nvidia neural network works with a set of algorithms that act separately, assigning each of them a function when creating the process. Just as a brain does when executing orders. In this way, while some algorithms generate the face, others check if it is realistic, accepting the parts that are, and discarding those that are not, hence the fact that it also learns during the process.

Only comparing the 2017 images and the current ones we can see how this has improved a lot with time.

We could indicate here the technical explanation offered by Nvidia and Google to make known how their neural networks work, however we summarize it in plain and understandable words:

Enter the web, press “F5” as many times as you want and you will continue to see faces and people created by a computer that literally do not exist.

Simply unbelievable.