Audiovisual services for events, better with Visionarea

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

At Visionarea we are fully aware of how stressful and overwhelming the creation of an audiovisual event can be for a company. Organizing, preparing and coordinating such a large flow of technicians and staff can be an arduous task for which we often do not feel fully prepared, even affecting the event itself.

For this reason we want to make this article, so that you know our audiovisual services for companies quickly and concisely.

Visionarea is a technical and human team of great prestige that has the latest technologies for audiovisual production. We do all kinds of work as an audiovisual producer but we also have a rental service of sound equipment that will help your event is perfect in every way.

We have extensive experience in the sector and currently our customers always find support, not only logistical when creating the event, but moral and human, making the process of creating the same is the least traumatic possible and even be exciting and fun.

Our services range from audiovisual solutions to technical production without forgetting audiovisual integration. All this accompanied by LED screen equipment, live production, modern audiovisual equipment, mapping and much more operated by a team of professionals adapted to all types of events that will provide quality and safety when making your event.

We are a benchmark company in the sector, we have audiovisual services in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and Marbella as a base but operate nationally and internationally, so the only barrier is that of imagination, and that, we are more than enough.

Our way of working is always the closest to the client, we listen to him, we understand him and act accordingly to his ideas to be able to adapt them in the best possible way to a scenario.

As you can see in the portfolio of work that we have hosted on the web, we have done all kinds of audiovisual events, from the presentation of a vehicle to meetings of companies.

We are adapted to all types of audiovisual services, we are one of the leading companies in the sector.

When we start a job, we carry out several phases of production, first know the project well, understand it and from there operate on it. Our values are clear and public, we are passionate about what we do and if you grow, we grow with you.

We believe in what we do and that’s why we certify it.

The commitment that we acquire when we initiate a project goes beyond the mere action client-company, we commit ourselves to the event that you are going to organize fulfills all the requirements and in addition it is a positive experience of work.

However, we know that this can only be words, so we always have a Portfolio section on the website of the events we have been allowed to publish so that you can see, first hand, some of the work we do.

We also make available to the user a section with some of our customers so you can see the variety and target business for which we have worked.

Last but not least, don’t go with doubts. Contact us, without obligation, let’s talk about what you have in mind, be it an event, the rental of audiovisual equipment, a promotional video, a corporate video or anything related to audiovisual services and we are sure that we can make it a reality.

We will be delighted to make your event possible and that we can shine together.