Christmas arrives and with it, Christmas events for companies

eventos de Navidad
Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Because an event is more than a simple act, becoming a social projection of your company and is one of the differentiating elements of the Public Relations of your business. It serves to enhance your corporate image to your employees, your customers and all your environment in general.

Therefore, from Visionarea we want to help you to be a success being your suppliers of audiovisual services, events and rental of sound and image equipment inspired by creativity and innovation.

How to organize Christmas events in a few steps?

If we want our event to be a success, organization and anticipation are key. We indicate you the most important points that must be fulfilled to plan a perfect party:

Choose the date

Christmas arrives and with it the events and celebrations accumulate. The agendas are full and that is why it is essential to decide the date of our Christmas events for companies as soon as possible.

Define a budget

Knowing how much we can spend will determine which business event we will hold and will condition everything from the meal to the choice of location. It is important to bear in mind that unexpected expenses may arise at the last moment in our Christmas parties.

Deciding on the type of event

There are countless options for your corporate events and depends on multiple factors such as time, budget, type and number of attendees. Depending on whether your event is an incentive, conference, training, etc.. Some spaces will work better than others.

How to choose the place where to organize Christmas events

We’ll have to see what spaces are available from those that meet the requirements. In addition, you must be on budget and have easy access for guests. In cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella or Mallorca you will need to plan ahead as demand is usually very high.

Theme the event

According to the company Christmas party or Christmas dinner that we organize can be a fun and differentiating element. Remember that for your event to be unique and a success, there are companies specializing in audiovisual productions, design and production of scenery for events such as Visionarea to help you in whatever you need.

Choose menu and drinks

Food is a fundamental element in any party. Depending on the place we choose, we will have to opt for an internal catering or an external one. It will be necessary to define the type of food and if it is an event for a large group it will be essential a previous tasting to know for sure what our guests will eat.

Select music and audiovisual elements for your Christmas events

The music, the light, the sound for events and in short the audiovisual elements are an ideal element to favor the personal relations and a good choice power that we keep a good memory of the evening. LED screens, video mappings and spectacular lighting designs will help create an unforgettable memory for your audience. Let yourself be advised by a company specializing in events, that will be a guarantee of satisfaction.

Provide entertainment

The way we entertain and the type of activities, prepared by our host, in an event or a company party is always one of the aspects most commented by guests. A band or a good DJ are essential to brighten up your event.

Create a complete program

With the program we will always be clear about the organization and make sure that everything goes according to plan. We will send copies to everyone involved in the organization of the event including suppliers, animators and the space administrator.

Managing the event

Introduce ourselves to suppliers and artists so that if any problems or doubts arise, they know who to contact in order to solve them as soon as possible. And as the event goes beyond itself. In order to have an interaction and a feedback we will use social networks and surveys to know the degree of satisfaction of our guests. Your answers will help us to keep learning and make our next event even better.

How can an audiovisual production company like Visionarea help you for your Christmas events?

  • Live event production
  • Design, implementation and rental of audiovisual equipment.
  • Display dynamic content on multiple screens to add interaction to sessions.
  • Integrate custom printed graphics into the décor.
  • Generation of audiovisual content for your event.
  • Use clusters to get the most appropriate sound design always using the best professional sound equipment.
  • Provide audiovisual material and technical operators for your showroom.
  • Design and construction of scenographic elements to measure.
  • Assembly of luminous decoration with the latest technology.
  • Exterior image and screen installations.

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