Friday, 5 April 2019

Today we meet Juan Nombela our Financial Director. Let’s meet him…

What does Visionarea mean to you?  With three adjectives, how would you define Visionarea? It’s an opportunity to test my own limits. It’s also a commitment and self improvement. Visionarea is a dynamic and flexible company, like a living being.

What is the unique value proposition that Visionarea adds to events? Quality and commitment.  

What does innovation mean to you? Where are the good ideas coming from? Being always in touch with last technological news to effer them to the client as opportunities for their events getting something unique and different. Good ideas are coming from talented people (we try to have an extra value through our team).

What’s your favourite thing about working in Visionarea? The work team and the professional development opportunity with new challenges. Also the confidence that was given to me from day one.

When not active at Visionarea ¿what is your favourite thing to do?  Spend time with my family and reading.  

What brought you into the Events Audiovisual Industry? I came as an external adviser. Step by step mi relationship with Daniel started growing as well as the company needs which were demanding more tasks and commitment. Today this commitment is total and tasks have been evolving, getting more complex. I do not doubt that they will expand. Visionarea is integrated as an important part of my life.