Let’s Meet Ana Muñoz, Project Manager!

Ana Muñoz, Project Manager Visionarea
Tuesday, 5 June 2018
Despite her youth, Ana Muñoz is one of the most veteran Project Managers in our Madrid offices. Learn a little more about Ana ...
What does Visionarea mean to you? With three adjectives, how would you define Visionarea?

I feel Visionarea like an assertive, open-minded and adaptable company.

What is the unique value proposition that Visionarea adds to events?

On my opinion, the extra value is that we really take care of each detail. We are such a thoughtful and meticulous company. 

What is your contribution to Visionarea projects?

My role at Visionarea -a beautiful one- is guiding, advising and attending the client. We also have direct contact with all technicians, suppliers and team involved in each event. At this point, my contribution is to make others feel comfortable as well as I feel too and making team into active participants.

What does innovation mean to you? Where are the good ideas coming from?

I think that creativity comes from working together as a team and being proactive. We get along very well with each other and we respect and listen to each other’s ideas.

Tell us about the most complex event you have been involved in. What has been your biggest challenge bringing together an event?

The most complex and challenging event has been a pharmaceutical event at IFEMA Trade Fair, coordinating such a huge team and also managing everyday changes in equipment that the client was requiring.

What’s your favourite thing about working in Visionarea?

The good vibes at the office and also the flexibility in terms of schedules and ways of working (they let you do). 

When not active at Visionarea ¿what is your favourite thing to do?  

What I like most is travelling although I also enjoy sports, specially hiking as well as arts and photography.

What brought you into the Events AV Industry?

After finishing Advertising and Public Relations Degree I specialized in event management. I started in communication agencies and I didn’t make my first contact with the sector until I switched to the “dark side”: Av Events Producer. They selected me when I was almost a kid and here I am! a bit older but as happy as the first day.