Entrevistando a nuestro CEO Daniel Pycock

miércoles, 16 octubre 2019

Why Visionarea?

After working all over the globe as a Production Director, I realized there was space in the Eu market for a company that could deliver quality at an affordable price and as a full-service partner for events. An Event Services Company.

I had seen Production, Audiovisuals, Scenics, and Branding all come from different companies at many events and understood that there were many opportunities from delivering all these services from the same company and under the supervision of a single project manager. Creating a full Event Services company.

The delivery that you feel the proudest of?

I feel the same pride for every event that goes out of the warehouse door. It is the collection of everything we deliver that proves our worth as a partner.

The most challenging event?

Our most challenging event has to be the one with the most items out of our control. We can plan for all eventualities and be prepared for everything, but sometimes there are some key parts to a production coming together that are outside of your reach. This was the case in an event a couple of years ago in Marrakech where the local government and customs where the biggest challenge of all, after many hours and lots of patience the event was delivered exceding expectations.

What makes you feel proud?

I feel proud every day when I walk into the office and I watch my team deliver and grow, both personally and professionally. I also feel very proud every time the team is congratulated by a client. Also most recently being recognized by Financial Times as one of Europes 1000 Fastest growing companies was very satisfying.

What are your challenges?

I always welcome a challenge as an opportunity for learning and growth. Our biggest challenge is always staff management and training, it is always hard to have the right amount of trained people for when client demands grow or shrink, this forces us to invest a lot into training our freelance pool as well as our full-time employees. On the upside, this means you have a very diverse and organic team that also has great benefits.

Favorite part of your role?

The satisfaction that comes when an event is over and both client and staff are satisfied, happy and proud. That’s what we exist for.

Future plans for Visionarea as an Event Services Company?

Well, we like to always expand our service offerings, this means constantly implementing new products and solutions as well as new equipment and technology. Also growth, we are looking to grow to be able to meet client demands so that we can do more of what we do best.


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