• finished event look
  • backdrop podium
  • Decor and furniture
  • Live speech
  • monitor and furniture
  • finished event look

Events in Madrid. We are in full season with many events happening all over. Happy to show these photos of this event in Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid. BKT and La Liga had this press event for which we supplied all audiovisuals and decor for this great looking Event. Other services supplied at this event include project management, scenic and branding production. If you are planning an event anywhere in Europe our team can support you. Reach out, we are here to help!

This event was produced using led screens for the visuals being feed from an electronic swithcher, there where also 50″ confort monitors suplied.

The event PA was setup using D&B T10 system with a MIDAS mixer and Shure wireless microphones and the podium microfones are actually ME36 from Sennheiser.

As well as the video and sound we also supplied conventional lighting for this press event.

One other key element was the signal distribution for all press that where onsite.

Another interesting challenge was the use of decorative carpeting to create flooring that emulates footbal pitches througout the event.

Also supplied by Visionarea where white modern style stools.

The backdrop to the podium is produced inhouse by our decor department who used digitally printed and laminated kappa boards to achieve a matte continuous finish.

If you have any questions about our services, our you would like to enquire for us to ba able to cost a project for you either in Spain or elsewhere please be in touch, we would be happy to assist.

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